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About Us - Mission
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To promote social and economic inclusion by ensuring that marginalized communities have equal access to healthcare services and educational opportunities

Mission & Strategic Objectives
  • Raise awareness about the importance of preventive health and assist communities to implement preventive health measures

  • Catalyze a movement for the adoption of good sanitation and public health measures by communities in rural India

  • Initiate education and screening for chronic diseases in order to prevent the disease or optimize management of a disease that has already manifested

  • Expand the coverage of social protection schemes like Arogya Raksha Yojana Health Micro Insurance, to the poorest of the poor, to reduce their vulnerability to health related catastrophes

  • Assist in developing educational material that will facilitate learning of basic concepts in schools

  • Provide opportunities for self and experiential learning to children from marginalized communities

Our CSR Approach
  • Direct: The Foundation plans and executes programs and executes them using its own resources and people.

  • Partnership Models: The Foundation has established long-standing collaborative partnerships with healthcare agencies, NGOs, other corporate entities and the government, and works with these agencies to jointly participate and deliver programs of mutual interest.

  • Grants & Donations: Based on proposals received and subject to rigorous due diligence, the Foundation makes outright grants or donations to worthy causes in both core, as well as, other areas of social relevance.

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