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Corporate Social Responsibility at Biocon

“All the wealth in the world cannot help one little Indian village if the people are not taught to help themselves”
- Swami Vivekananda

Biocon's Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, started in 2004, are based on the principle of making enduring impact through programs that promote social and economic inclusion.

At Biocon, CSR has been an integral part of our business since inception. The Company is committed to innovation, affordability and access to healthcare. In line with this commitment and as a socially responsible organization, Biocon has, over the last 10 years, invested significantly in various CSR programs aimed at making a difference to the lives of marginalized communities.

Our CSR Vision

  • To promote social and economic inclusion by ensuring that marginalized communities have equal access to healthcare services, educational opportunities, and rural development.
  • To create a globally competitive Biotech ecosystem in India through skill development.
  • To bridge the gap of gender disparity in education, healthcare and employment.
  • To create a platform for promoting the rich Art & Culture of the country and sensitizing the communities to appreciate fine arts.

Our Philosophy

As a socially responsible corporate, Biocon acknowledges its responsibility towards the environment, its consumers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Biocon aims to fund pilot projects in the areas of healthcare and education to demonstrate their viability before being scaled up by the government at the state level. Biocon believes that in order to make meaningful impact, we need to partner with the government and like-minded organizations. Accordingly, we are engaged in several public-private partnership (PPP) projects aimed at effectively and transparently implementing welfare schemes for marginalized communities.

Our CSR Approach

Affordable… Accessible… Innovative... Inclusive…Transparent… Technology driven…Sustainable

Our CSR Programs

Biocon's CSR activities are/will be implemented through:

  • Biocon Foundation - develops and implements healthcare, educational, and infrastructure projects for marginalized sections of society and also promotes the rich Art & Culture of India, to encourage artists, and sensitize communities.
  • Biocon Academy - aims to address the skill deficit in the Biotechnology sector, by developing high-end talent through advanced learning and industrial training to make them employable 
  • External Partners - with track records in the CSR area.

CSR Focus Areas

Biocon Foundation

Biocon Foundation's initiatives are primarily focused on healthcare, primary education and rural development. All projects are developed and implemented by Biocon Foundation based on need assessment through discussions with local communities, and government departments. Project appraisals are done periodically by combining community feedback with evaluation metrics developed by the Foundation. These metrics include patient footfall, health indicators, feedback from teachers, community satisfaction etc.

Health Care

The Foundation has developed an integrated and holistic healthcare delivery service, which seeks to address critical gaps in the delivery of healthcare in rural India. Our efforts are targeted at enabling last mile reach of preventive and primary health services in rural areas.

Our healthcare programs are delivered at three levels:

  • Preventive Healthcare - through education to prevent onset of infectious diseases; early detection of chronic diseases through regular community based screening; and facilitating timely help and treatment to improve maternal and child health.  
  • Primary Healthcare - through the Arogya Raksha Yojana primary healthcare clinics and through health camps, which provide a single point see-and-treat model of care aimed at reducing out-of-pocket expenses and time spent away from work.
  • Tertiary Care - through the Arogya Raksha Yojana Health Micro Insurance Scheme and government insurance schemes, which provides cashless cover for catastrophic illness and surgeries through a network of approved hospitals.

The Foundation believes that the use of technology can make healthcare delivery in rural areas more efficient. It has used innovative technologies to implement several initiatives to prevent and manage non - communicable diseases and is also engaging with state governments to implement a novel e-Health program to deliver Universal Health Care through government Primary Health Care Centers. Biocon intends to replicate this PPP model in other parts of India to make a meaningful impact in healthcare delivery.

Education and Training

Biocon Foundation believes in fulfilling the 'right to education' by delivering quality education in innovative ways. Education projects were developed to address the gaps in critical learning areas that were identified in consultation with community leaders and school teachers. The Foundation aims to empower and include underserved young people in rural areas by providing them access to experiential learning in basic maths, computer skills and language skills.

Promote Art & Culture

India has a rich heritage of Art and Culture across the land which needs to be preserved and promoted. Our various forms of music and dance, style of paintings and sculptures have intrigued many across the globe, yet a large pool of our artistes have not gained enough recognition. Biocon Foundation believes in creating a platform to promote art & culture, encourage artists, and share this knowledge with the marginalized communities through various initiatives to help them develop a keen sense of appreciating fine arts.

Advanced Training through Biocon Academy

The Academy aims to impart advanced training to young graduates in order to provide them with the necessary skills required for gainful employment in the Biopharma Sector. Biocon will provide specified percentage of the total program fee as scholarship to all selected candidates.

Civic Infrastructure

India is facing a big challenge in the area of infrastructure development, especially in rural areas. As a socially responsible organization, we are working with the government to build townships, schools, sanitation, roads, clean drinking water etc. that can fulfill the basic needs of rural communities.

Biocon Foundation has:

  • Adopted and rebuilt a township in North Karnataka - 400 houses and the support infrastructure including a school, safe drinking water, health centre;community hall is being  built .
  • Provided access to sustainable and clean sanitation facilities to rural communities - 1000 household toilets and several community toilets have been built so far.
  • Building toilets in 25 Government schools in Karnataka.
  • Building/renovating toilets in tourist facilities in Karnataka.
  • Provided clean drinking water and set up rain water harvesting system in villages to provide a sustainable solution for water scarcity.
  • Provided solar lights for houses in remote areas to reduce dependency on unreliable power grid.


CSR Committee:

The CSR Committee is responsible for oversight of all CSR activities from start to finish. It shall meet at least twice a year to ensure Biocon delivers on its CSR goals. 

Identification of programs for CSR:
Programs to be supported via CSR will be selected by the CSR committee through a transparent process and the selected programs will meet the regulatory requirements.

Budgeting and spend:
For each financial year, the minimum amount available for CSR spending will be defined in accordance with the applicable provisions of the statute.  Any surplus arising out of CSR projects shall not form part of business profit of the company.
As per the statute, any unspent budget shall be reported in the Annual Report.

CSR initiatives of the Company will be reported in the Annual Report

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