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Aata Paata Wadi

Biocon Foundation’s effort to increase access and exposure to learning opportunities for children, the Aata Paata Wadi project launched in 2009 with its first Aata Paata Wadi (after school resource center) in Thithimati in Kodagu district of Karnataka.

This after school resource center is the first of a number of such centers that the Foundation hopes to establish in the near future. The aim of these centers is to provide an open and fun learning environment for children, many of whom come from marginalized communities thus enabling them to nurture their interests, learn new skills and awaken their spirit of enquiry.


  • To provide access to computer aided leaning
  • To emphasize experiential learning and extracurricular activities
  • To boost language skills
  • To provide life skills education

Each center is equipped with computers, a children’s library, science equipment and games/sports material. The center coordinator and teacher manage the daily activities at the center.

The children’s daily nutrition is supplemented by healthy refreshments and a health drink that is provided every evening, as they arrive at the center after school. The center is designed to be bright, airy and comfortable and has separate toilets for boys and girls. This also reinforces awareness of basic hygiene and related habits.

The centers aim to cater to the needs of children from 5th to 7th std in government schools in Karnataka and based on the principles of Child Rights and Child Participation.

The after school resource center in Thithimati, Kodagu continues to get an enthusiastic response from the community in Thithimati, Coorg.

Our partner in Coorg – Skanda Foundation – provides invaluable help in maintaining the center and by providing a beautiful lawn for the children to play on.

Our spoken English program developed by Dr. Lalitha Appachu has helped our children tremendously in reading and speaking English.

We continue to bring in external resource people to conduct workshops in drama, pottery, music, yoga.

Biocon Foundation Women’s Self Help Group – Thithimati

The women’s self help group presently has 5 women all from Thithimati. This group makes gift envelopes and gift wrap sheets based on the needs of the vendors. Designs of coffee leaves or beans are used to design the papers used to make the craft. Currently the self-help group sells their products at Bamboo Club, Pollibetta; Nilgiris Department Store, Gonicoppal; Serenity, Bangalore; Ambareen’s, Ooty and Elephant Corridor, Siddapur, Kodagu.




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