Environmental Sustainability - Resuscitating Natural Resources


The sustainability ethos at Biocon Foundation ensures the protection of the surrounding environment and natural resources. Our venture to resuscitate Hebbagodi lake of Bengaluru in joint efforts with the Government and community groups has achieved significant milestones. The objectives of the lake revival were to augment storage capacity of the lake, sustain and support bio-diversity, enhance environmental quality and build valuable open space for the local communities. We are ahead of the curve in adopting latest eco-friendly tools, technologies and resources to protect and improve the environment.

Initial Measures

The perennial weeds were removed and converted into compost to improve the soil for green belt development around the lake. Bar screens were installed to filter solid waste and underground conduits were laid to address the problems of sewage spill, unbearable stench and associated health hazards. Bund construction and fencing around the lake has prevented encroachment and fly-tipping. We have developed a children’s park and added more public space around the lake for physical activities and recreational use.


The prolific teams of Environment, Health & Safety and Central Engineering employed green technology tools. We employed bioremediation which enables microorganisms to consume the pollutants without harming the environment. In order to carry out biological treatment of polluted water, an in-house bioreactor was commissioned to produce enzymes. The energy-efficient aerators and submersible mixers were used for aerobic treatment. Floating Treatment Wetland (FTW) technique allows select plants (cleaning agents) to grow hydroponically on the floating rafts fabricated with recycled materials and PVC pipes to further decontaminates the water.


Water sampling and analysis at fixed intervals in accredited laboratories have corroborated the evidence of improvement in water quality and therefore authenticates our environmental technology and management practices. The pH of water is maintained at the optimal level. Total Dissolved Solid moderation implies notable reduction in non-mineral dissolved solids. The considerable dilution of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) & Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) are indicative of the low level of organic pollutants in the water. The surge in concentration of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) further reiterates the refinement in water quality and its suitability to sustain aquatic life. The analytical synopsis on physical and chemical characteristics of water has demonstrated encouraging results.

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